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Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural

SMSC is at the heart of learning at St Michael's. We plan opportunities to explore the strands of SMSC though our learning time and Collective worship. Stimulas is drawn from the IPC curriculum, recent events (school or in the media) and our Foundation Values.





  • Developing personal qualities and using social skills. (E.g TTYP…)
  • Participating, co -operating and resolving conflicts.
  • Understanding how communities and societies function.
  • Developing and expressing personal views or values.
  • Investigating moral values and ethical issues.
  • Moral codes and models of moral virtue (e.g  schools provide a clear moral code as a basis for behaviour… 5+5)
  • Recognising right and wrong and applying it.
  • Understanding the consequences of actions.
  • Developing personal values and beliefs.
  • Experiencing fascination, awe and wonder.
  • Exploring the values and beliefs of others.
  • Understanding human feelings and emotions.
  • Using imagination and creativity in learning.
  • Exploring understanding and respecting diversity.
  • Participating and responding to cultural activities.
  • Understanding and appreciating personal influences.

Foundation values and Collective Worship

Our Foundation Values are central to the mission of the school and underpin our Collective worhsip. Each half term we breakdown these values into weekly thoughts and prayers drawing inspriation from the relevent bible reading.


1st Half

2nd Half

Term 1




Term 2








Term 3






Our school church services follow the litergical calendar and our school values.



We say our school prayer at the start of our worship


Class Assemblies

Once a term, children will perform in a class assembly. This usually takes place on Fridays and parents are invited to attend. Children work with their class teacher to present a story, song, dance and prayer linked to their current International Primary Curriculum theme.


Please see the school calendar to find out when your child's next class assembly will take place.

Reward Assemblies

Every Friday we have a 'Celebration' Assembly. Prior to the assembly, teachers select two children per class who have worked extremely hard and/or have achieved greatness throughout the week. During the assembly thereason they have been selected for a 'special mention' is shared with the school. Children also share examples of outstanding work with the rest of the school.


Our behaviour policy states, that when children achieve a Gold standard of excellent behaviour at the end of the day.


During class time, the children earn 'House Points throughout the school day. These are collated by the House Captains every Friday and the team that have the most team points, win a prestidious cup for the week. A running total of team points is on display in the hall.

Children are also awarded individual certificates for earning House Points which are presented during Celebration Assembly.