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St Michaels CE Primary School

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School Improvement

St Michaels'  is an improving school and our ambition is for it to be a place where children thrive and love learning.


We have listed a summary of our school improvement aims.

Leadership and Management

  • Leaders to ensure a culture where all pupils make consistently strong progress considering their different starting points.
  • All leaders use a range of evidence to evaluate learning and establish priority actions in English and math’s.
  • To improve the parental engagement, which supports children’s learning.
  • To develop young leaders Junior Leadership Team (JLT) as active participants in the school improvement and evaluation
  • Safeguarding is effective

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

  •  Teachers use baseline assessment to establish starting points and inform planning so children make and exceed expected progress.
  1. Ensure that marking is developmental, understood by pupils and taking forward learning
  2. Leaders of Learning of English embed consistent systematic teaching of reading and fluency in all year groups
  3. Teaching and Learning is extending more able writers
  4. Leader of Learning of Maths to embed fluency of maths and mastery in all year groups

 Personal development, behaviour and welfare

  •  Every classroom to become a sparkling learning environment that inspires children’s enquiry
  1. Improved punctuality and readiness to learn
  2. Improve attendance for vulnerable groups
  3. Improve the children’s ability to resolve conflict through peer mediation led by the Junior Leadership
  4. Behaviour is good or better

Outcomes for children

  • Embed statements and steps as a form of assessment
  1. Improve outcomes for more able children in reading, writing and Maths
  2. Writing outcomes in KS1 and KS2 better than national
  3. Prepare pupils for their next stage of education, e.g. improve handwriting fluency and presentation so outcomes of writing are better than national

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural

  • Ensure all learning seeks opportunities to develop creativity and fascination
  • To identify the opportunities where pupils engage with the fundamental British values of democracy, rule of law, liberty, tolerance and mutual respect.
  • Create opportunities for the children of St Michael’s to learn with children from outside of the school