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Year 3 - Ash Class



















We   started the school year by taking a close look at the Ash Tree.  We began our little investigation by thinking about how we recognise different trees and what their distinguishing features are. Following that, our first piece of big writing this year was to be an explanation piece. It seemed fitting to write an explanation piece about a tree's life cycle, so we did!


Autumn Activities 


Students carried out an experiment about magnet strength.  Students were given different magnets and had to investigate which magnet had the most magnetic force.  



We learned about doubling numbers from 20-50.  We used our knowledge about place value to help us double tricky numbers!



Partitioning numbers helps us break down numbers into smaller parts and thus making it easier to add and subtract. 



One of the stories we read this year was the The Lost Happy Endings.  We did a lot of different work with this book, but before we could do all that we had to get to know the story really well.  We used a drama technique called story-mapping to help us remember all the important parts. 





The International Primary Curriculum (IPC)


The IPC has been developed so that four main aims can be achieved. They are:


  • To help children learn the subject knowledge, skills and understandings they need to become aware of the world around them


  • To help children develop the personal skills they need to take an active part in the world throughout their lives


  • To help children develop an international mindset alongside their awareness of their own nationality


  • To do each of these in ways which take into account up-to-date research into how children learn and how they can be encouraged to be life-long learners


This term for IPC we are learning about volcanoes and earthquakes. We will be looking at how they are formed, why they happen and the history of some of the worlds most famous volcanoes and earthquakes. At the end of the term we will be making our own volcanoes to get a closer look at how they erupt.



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