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Useful links and login details

For interactive Maths games and a variety of eBooks:

Username = Name (e.g. Santa)

Password = 2019

School Code = yxgh


For computer coding linked to computing day:

Username: student20974

Password: haringey


Useful Document Link

Summer Curriculum Letter - outlining the learning across the curriculum this half term.

Silent Films with Film in Education

Each year we work with a company called Film in Education to write, direct, film and star in our own silent film. This is a quick video explaining the process:



Please do watch previous Year 4 silent films in the Films section of our school website.

our Award winning film!

This year at the LDBS Silent Film Awards we won the award for Best Set and Props. Fingers crossed we win more awards at the London Silent Film Festival in July.


Year 4 Silent Film 2017 (password is fie)




Year 4 - Hazel class



We began our school year by learning about Hazel Trees and their various uses. We then painted some fantastic watercolour trees, and learnt about how the Hazel tree grows and reproduces.


Then we explored using our senses to describe the tree, thinking about how it looks, sounds and feels. We used this, along with some interesting similes, to write descriptive Hazel Tree poems.

Summer Term Activities


Making the Silent Film 2017






Spring Term Activities


LAT Shrove Tuesday Church Service at St. Anns 





Making electrical circuit games in Science







Class Trip on Thursday 2nd February 2017 to the Science Museum.










Bread Baking with Caterlink






Autumn Guitar Concert


Autumn Term Activities


Sentence building in SPaG lessons (September)


Sentence building Sentence building


Identifying and sorting significant people in IPC (September)



Rayn's Research Homework for Significant People in IPC (October)



Naomi's Research Homework for Significant People in IPC (October)



Class Trip to Wood Green Library (October)





African Story Tellers and Caribbean Drummers for Black History Month (October)





Making Cup Telephones in Science (October)





Using Cuisinaire Resource to calculate perimeter in Maths (November)





Ancient Egyptians Hieroglyphs Hallway Display for IPC (November)




Using Cuisinaire resources to calculate division questions (November)



Autumn 2 Computing Day (December)








If your child would like to continue practicing their coding from this computer day, they can using this link and these login details:




Username: student20974

Password: haringey



The International Primary Curriculum (IPC)


The IPC has been developed so that four main aims can be achieved. They are:


  • To help children learn the subject knowledge, skills and understandings they need to become aware of the world around them


  • To help children develop the personal skills they need to take an active part in the world throughout their lives


  • To help children develop an international mindset alongside their awareness of their own nationality


  • To do each of these in ways which take into account up-to-date research into how children learn and how they can be encouraged to be life-long learners


This year we will be covering a variety of topics through the IPC.


In the Autumn Term we learnt about Significant Individuals, and we learnt about The Ancient Egyptians and their temples, tombs and treasures.

Autumn IPC / DT Week - Constructing Egyptian Sarcophagus'


  • We started by measuring and cutting the wood into two different lengths.
  • We used saws and clamps in pairs - working together to get all the wood cut.




Once we had the wood cut to the correct length, we used PVA glue and card triangles to stick the wood into rectangles.



An adult then stuck the remaining shorter pieces, using a glue gun, into 3D cuboids. The children reinforced these joins using more PVA glue and card triangles.





Whilst we waited for our wooden cuboid frames to dry, we measured and cut the paper panels that will cover our sarcophagus'. 


We then designed Egyptian images to cover our sarcophagus, using inspiration from our topic books and hieroglyphics we have studied in class.






In the Spring Term we learnt about Inventions that Changed the World, and then we learnt about how Fashion has changed over time.

Spring IPC / DT Week - Designing our own T-Shirts











In the Summer Term we have learnt about Young Entrepreneurs, then we are now looking at similarities and differences between cultures around the world.