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For interactive Maths games and a variety of eBooks:

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Password = 2019

School Code = yxgh


For computer coding linked to computing day:

Username: student20974

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Useful Document Link

Autumn Curriculum Letter - outlining the learning across the curriculum this half term.

Silent Films with Film in Education

Each year we work with a company called Film in Education to write, direct, film and star in our own silent film. This is a quick video explaining the process:



Please do watch previous Year 4 silent films in the Films section of our school website.

Mercury Class


This year, Year 4 is named after the planet Mercury. We may be the smallest of the 8 planets in the solar system but we can boast at least that we are the closest to the sun.


Our planet has the most variable temperature of any planet. When Mercury is facing the sun we can reach the scorching heights of 427°C but the other side of our planet is a very different story. When we face away from the sun, our temperatures can plummet to -173°C. Our vastly variable temperature is all because we don’t have an atmosphere to regulate our planet.  


Sadly, we don’t have any rings or moons to speak of. The appearance of our planet is dominated by huge craters much like on the surface of Earth’s moon. These are the result of asteroids tumbling down from the solar system and as there is no atmosphere, there is no barrier to help break down the asteroids before they hit down onto the surface of our planet.


Autumn 1:



In English, we've been looking at the book 'The True Story of the Three Little Pigs'. We have written persuasive speeches to argue for the wolf to be prosecuted or freed. Our court case took place on Wednesday 4th October and two sides of lawyers argued for and against the wolf's release. After a long debate and lots of very persuasive ideas, our judge and jury found the wolf to be guilty of the crimes of killing two little pigs and he was imprisoned for 21 years. 





This term, Year 4's IPC topic it "They made a difference!" 

Some people have made such a big difference in the world that their influence on our lives can still be felt today. From scientists to sports people, from politicians to musicians, from all backgrounds, countries, races and religions there are people whose ideas or achievements have singled them out from others.

We are going to learn about significant people who have touched our lives in some way. Here's a few we've already been learning about: