St Michael's CE Primary

Acting on Feedback

As a school we value the feedback of both our children and parents and use this to make changes to benefit all of our school community. We have regular opportunities for both children and parents to give their feedback in the form of questionnaires and meetings, and this is then used to inform school improvement. 


Following on from feedback from the children on the playground, the playground buddies started a campaign to ensure there was no rubbish on the playground. Thanks to their hard work and willingness to listen to feedback, there has been a big impact on how clean the playground looks.


Junior leaders continue to evaluate on the teaching and learning at the school, and teachers have fed back how much this supports them in knowing areas for improvement and where children need challenge.


In a recent questionnaire given to parents, 92% agreed that their child enjoys collective worship at the school and that there was a good relationship between the school and the Parish Church.