St Michael's CE Primary

Local Academy CommiTtee

Welcome to the section of the website where you can find out more about our school Local Academy Committee, and the work that we do.

The role of Local Academy Commitee

St Michael's CE Primary School is run by the Executive Headteacher and his team of staff. The Local Governing Body oversees the effectiveness of the school and together with the Executive Headteacher provides strategic direction for the work and improvement of the school. It also supports, monitors, and evaluates the effectiveness of the school and monitors the budget. Finally it holds the school to account for the standards achieved and the quality of education.


The Local Academy Committee is accountable to the LDBS Academies Trust.

St Michaels September 2019 .pdf

What is a Governor of the Local Academy Committee

For more information about the role of the committee please read the Academy Trust Governors Job Description.

Membership and Structure

The Local Academy Committee comprises of ten governors, bringing together the key institutions that have an interest in the school. Our governors have a range of skills and interests and the membership includes a board member.


Name and Term of Office

Appointment by


Declaration of interest

Simon Knowles

Executive Headteacher 

LDBS Academy Trust

Executive Headteacher of
St Michael's N22, Holy Trinity N17, St Ann's N15


Meera Shah

Head of School


LDBS Academy Trust

Operations of school life, implementation of school improvement and the school ethos.


Rev'd Fr Ian Booth

Vicar of St Michael's Church


LDBS Academy Trust



Collective Worship

History & Geography

Religious Education


Four Governors are Appointed by the LDBS Academies Trust.  

Rev Guy Pope

(July 2017 - June 2021)

LDBS Academy Trust

Strategic Leadership




Ed Schwitzer

(April 2016 - March 2020)

LDBS Academy Trust

Vice Chair

STEM & Computing

Inclusion (Inc. SEND)

Finance and Administration



Sheila Gordan

(March 2019 - March 2023)

LDBS Academy Trust



Maths, Early Years

Attendance and Punctuality

Child Protection



Rachel Franklin

(Dec 2019 - Dec 2070)

LDBS Academy Trust

 PHSE , Art and Music


 Two Governors are nominated by parents at the school and appointed by the Trust.  


David Sheen



LDBS Academy Trust




Election in progress

LDBS Academy Trust




One Governor is nominated by the school staff and appointed by the Trust.  

Nomination in Progress

LDBS Academy Trust



Also members of the Leadership and Management team(LMT) attend all meetings as advisors. 

Jayne Reeve


Executive Business Manager

Employee of Trust


Attendance Record 2016-17

Attendance Record 2017-18

Attendance Record 2018-19

Attendance Record 2019-20

Dates of Meetings for 2020 - 21(Meeting time 6-7.30pm)

Meeting 1 - Wednesday 16th September

Meeting 2 - Wednesday 14th October

Meeting 3 - Wednesday 11th November

Meeting 4 - Wednesday 9th December

Meeting 5 - Wednesday 20th January

Meeting 6 - Wednesday 3rd March

Meeting 7 - Wednesday 24th March

Meeting 8 - Wednesday 28th April

Meeting 9 - Wednesday 9th June

Meeting 10 - Wednesday 30th June