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Georgia O'keeffe Class


Class Teacher: Mrs Rose

Y4 Junior Leaders: Maat and Brenton

Y4 Junior STEM Leaders: Shaeela and Tim


Summer 1

STEM Challenge Day

On Tuesday 7th May, we took part in an amazing STEM Challenge. We learn about how global warming is causing more flooding and how this makes life difficult for farmers. We came up with an idea to design and make floating fields that could carry as much weight as possible. In our classrooms, we designed, tested and improved our rafts. Then, we joined back together to test the winning rafts. Well done to Tyrone, Ominigho, Alesia, Laura and Elena from Year 1 who were the overall winners. We hope everyone enjoyed the STEM challenge day and next year we hope to have a fresh challenge. By Shaeela and Tim (Y4 STEM Leaders)


Visit to the Wallace Collection

On Tuesday, we had a fantastic time visiting the Wallace Collection. We were lucky enough to be able to take part in an exciting workshop that brought together storytelling, observational drawing and screen printing. We all learnt new skills for life and were intrigued to discover how they print the logos on our t-shirts!


Visit to the Tower of London

On Tuesday, we had a brilliant visit to the Tower of London. We were amazed by the crown jewels, intrigued by the history and taken back by the architecture. Mr Francis has very kindly put together a short video below using some of the photos taken on the day. 


Summer 1 Curriculum



Spring 2

Healthy Day

We had a fabulous day keeping active with Fitt-In and bubble football and learning about how to stay healthy with A-Life. Here's a few pictures of the fun!


DT - Egyptian Sarcophagi

We've been busy exploring, designing and making our own versions of Egyptian sarcophagi this half term. Here are a few photos of the process and the final products. 



Class Assembly

A brilliant celebration of poetry by everyone in Year 4. What a talented bunch of children to dance to, sing, perform, write, memorize and recite poetry of all varieties. Thank you for making us laugh, think and be inspired.


Reading Buddies

Year 4 have been working in reading buddies. We have been helping our younger students to develop their reading, and inspiring enjoyment of books for all. What a pleasure to have such kind and supportive children.



We have had a fabulous few weeks performing, exploring and writing poetry. We've all fallen in love with poems and will be using this as a basis for our class assembly in a few weeks time. Here are a few of our favourites, performed by members of our class.


Visiting St Michael's Church

We had a brilliant time visiting our church St Michael's, Wood Green, to learn more about Holy Communion and how it builds community. Thanks to Father Ian for welcoming us and providing the children with such a rich opportunity to find out more about the Christian faith.


Spring 2 Curriculum



Spring 1

The British Museum

On Thursday, we had a fantastic day visiting The British Museum linked to our IPC topic: Temples, Tombs and Treasures and our class novel, Secrets of a Sun King. We were fascinated with the wide array of Egyptian artefacts and statues we saw and we were able to learn a lot about the process of Egyptian mummification. Please watch our video below to get a flavour of the day.


Breaking News

Today we filmed our news reports based on the novel we are reading, 'Secrets of a Sun King'. We reported on the mysterious disappearance of Professor Salim Hanawatti and the strange circumstances in which this occurred. 




Egyptian Exploration

On Thursday, when the children came into class, they had been transported to the valley of kings. They had a challenge to explore a tomb and see what they could find out from the artefacts inside. It was extremely dark, so they had to use torches to explore deep within the tomb. They came up with ideas of whose tomb it might be and asked lots of interesting questions which we will explore during our new topic, Temples, Tombs and Treasures





Today, we had a fantastic visit to Holy Trinity Church in Tottenham. We attended a service, with other schools from our academy trust, that was all about Epiphany. We learnt about the magi (the three wise men) and the gifts that they carried. 


Spring 1 Curriculum


Autumn 2

The Postal Museum

On Thursday, we had a fantastic trip to The Postal Museum. It was linked to our topic of inventions in IPC. We loved every moment of it and found out lots about some fascinating inventions that changed the way the world worked. Here are just a few that we learnt about: the Penny Black stamp, postboxes and the Mail Rail. Please watch our video which gives you a flavour of the day.



Today we were exploring what sound is and how it is produced. We learnt about vibrations and sound waves and how they can travel through liquids, solids and gas. We then made our own soundscapes using a range of materials and performed them to the class.



 Autumn Term 2 Curriculum



Autumn 1

The First Day in Year 4

We've had a great first day in Year 4, finding out what we'll be learning about, coming up with team names and discussing what we hope our classroom will be like this year. We took a photo on our first day and we hope to finish the year by looking back on how far we've come and how much we've changed.


The sensible one                                                                  The silly one 


Computing Day

Today, we learnt about programming music using computers. We thought about sound and how it is produced and designed our own music on Isle of Tune.




Parliament Workshop



Today in English, we thought about how Joan might be feeling since finding Roger (who used to be a rat but is now a boy) on her doorstep. Everyone took on the role of Joan and create their own vlogs to describe how she was feeling. We'll be using these ideas to write a letter later on in the week. 



Autumn Term 1 Curriculum