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 Welcome to Blue Whale Class where we are have a real zest for learning without walls or limitations! To ignite our curiosities and take us beyond the world we already know; this year, our school’s theme is endangered animals. An endangered species is an animal or plant that's considered at risk of extinction. Endangered species, if not protected, can greatly affect our ecosystem. The Blue Whales became endangered in the 70’s. Although Blue Whales are legally protected today, they do continue to face threats in the form of entanglement, vessel strikes, and other threats. The Blue Whale is the largest ever mammal on earth. Did you know that the Blue Whales heart is huge? (roughly the size of the car) and can it can weigh as much as 30 elephants. Fast blue whale facts. Its tongue, also weighs as much as an elephant, and its heart is the size of a car whilst its blood vessels are so wide you could swim through them! These blue-grey giants have a long, stream-lined body, a wide head, huge flippers, a powerful tail and a small fin.
You can continue to find out many more interesting facts about the Blue Whale by following the link below:,vid:bgiPTUy2RqI

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Keeping active is really important. Please try and do some physical activity everyday for 30 minutes. 

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