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Year 5 - Atlanta


Year 5 are Atlanta Class! We have been learning about the capital city of the U.S. state of Georgia. It started off as a railway terminus in the 1830s and so people started to build their houses there. By 1860 the population had grown to nearly 10,000 people. Atlanta played an important part in the American Civil War and was destroyed in a huge battle in 1864. After the war ended, it had to be rebuilt. It is for this reason that the symbol of Atlanta is a phoenix, which ‘rises from the ashes’, just like Atlanta had to. 100 years later, Atlanta became one of the key cities in the Civil Rights Movement and demonstrations took place in order to improve the life of black people living in America. Martin Luther King, a key figure in this movement, was born in Atlanta. Today, Atlanta is famous for being home to the Coco-Cola factory and CNN, among other big businesses. It is also a centre for black education and has one of the largest airports in the world.


Year 5 Curriculum Map 

Autumn Term 

Please see below what Year 5 are learning this term. If you click on the documents, they will open into a large version.

The documents are Knowledge Organisers. They contain key facts and information that the children need to have as a basic knowledge and understanding of the topic – giving them the ‘bigger picture’ of what they will be learning at school.



Home Learning 

Please click on the home learning grid to see this weeks learning. There are additional resources below and worksheets to help but these do not need to be printed off. All work can be completed on Purple Mash (link below) or in your child's home learning book. 

We have also included a number of websites, links to online stories and books to read aloud as well as some links to physical activities to keep your children moving. Please remember everything you have learnt about keeping safe online.


Autumn 2 Home Learning

Autumn 2 Home Learning Grid


Week 1 - Creative Story

Week 2 - Editing

Week 3 - Rule of Three


Weekly SPAG Mats (one per week)


Spellings given on 23rd November - test on 30th November


Arithmetic Tests

Because the children missed a large chunk of the Year 4 curriculum, I have decided to set Year 4 arithmetic tests for homework (see below). If you feel confident and would like to challenge yourself with the Year 5 arithmetic tests, that is fine too!

Year 4:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Year 5:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Reasoning and Problem Solving Questions

Factors, multiples, prime numbers and square numbers


Thermal Conductors and Thermal Insulators Powerpoint


Music Powerpoint





 Purple Mash

Please click on the picture below to access the Purple Mash website. Please ask your child's teacher if you are unsure of the log in details.

Click here to be directed to our Purple Mash information page. 



Please click on the links below to access different online stories that children can read or listen to. Most of them do not require you to sign up. Enjoy! 

Oxford Owl

Book Trust

Story Online 

Magic Key Story Books

Audible Stories


Physical Activities 

Keeping active is really important. Please try and do some physical activity everyday for 30 minutes. 

Joe Wicks PE Lesson

5 a day